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Components of a Project Charter

Components of a Project Charter
By Anna Schäfer

Every CI (Continuous Improvement) event or project starts with a Project Charter. The PMBOK book says you start with Stakeholder identification before you make a charter.

This document is best achieved using tables in MS Word. The components of a charter can vary from project to project, however the most common ones are:

  • Date of Project Charter creation
  • Date of Revision
  • Project Manager’s Name
  • Project Name
  • Type or Commodity (product or service)
  • Project Statement (why we are doing this project)
  • Current State
  • Desired State (what success looks like)
  • Contract Expiration (if applicable)
  • Diversity Supplier Potential Opportunity (what an interesting thing to point out!)
  • Stakeholders (list who are negatively and positively affected by the project)
  • Saving Opportunity (quantify it)
  • Describe Current Process or Metrics (what’s going wrong)
  • Describe Future Process or Metrics (what the goal is, mention numbers)
  • Customers (list who the customers are, internal, external, all of them)
  • Customer Requirements (what do they expect, remember we do this for them)
  • Risks (every project has a risk, quantifiable or not)
  • Estimated Project Expense (travelling expenses, subcontracting, etc)
  • Team Members
  • Executive Sponsors (who will approve the charter and modifications to the charter)
  • Steering Committee Members (some names may cross the stakeholder’s list)
  • Project Timeline: milestone (phase 0, phase 1, etc), deliverable (example: prepare contract), status (on time, past due, etc) and due date
  • Approval signatures by phase

Anna Schäfer is currently a Supply Chain Manager working in the biotechnology industry with over twelve years experience, mostly in the aerospace industry. Read the Complete Article