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10 Signs Your Employees Are Unhappy

10 Signs Your Employees Are Unhappy
By Cheryl Cran

In these busy times leaders and teams are so focused on getting through myriads of tasks and projects that often signs of discontent can be missed or ignored.

Leaders that focus on employee ‘happiness’ in addition to productivity and bottom line results have a greater competitive advantage. Happy employees are engaged employees.

Here are ten signs your employees are unhappy:

  1. There is a lack of energy

    Energy is the secret behind success – when there is a palpable collective energy in an organization it is like a ‘buzz’ where people are eager to contribute, eager to provide ideas, eager to share. When there is a lack of energy it indicates apathy.

  2. There is a sense of everyone ‘going through the motions’

    Unhappy employees show up with an attitude of simply getting through the day and doing the minimum to keep his or her job.

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