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A Project Charter for Lazy Teams

A Project Charter for Lazy Teams
By James King

I have been creating a couple of articles on this context recently – the idea is that if you know a bit about your users and the product that you are building. Both can take months or years, but I like to think we can even spend an hour or less to understand our project.

When you think about it though, shouldn’t we do a similar thing to define our project purpose when we start the project. I guess the answer is yes, but it could turn into a lot of work. So what we need is an easy, lazy approach.

This is what I think you can do on just about any project.

  1. Define the problem you are meant to solve.
  2. Define your scope.

  3. Flavor to taste:

    1. Consider PAC (People, Activities, Context) to define the users

    2. Consider defining your product

    3. Consider adding an estimate

    4. Consider listing risks and other bad stuff

Paragraph one – choose one of these problem statements

  • Problem statement from the book Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott (you should really read this book if you want to be both lazy and successful at the same time):
    • The problem we have is ….

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