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Three Types of Metrics Defined by ITIL

Three Types of Metrics Defined by ITIL
By Michael Scarborough

An important aspect described in the ITIL Continual Service Improvement book involves the various types of metrics that ITIL recommends and how they are used. The three types of metrics ITIL identifies are technology, process, and service. In this post, I will describe these three types of metrics and provide some examples of each.

  1. Technology Metrics

    Technology metrics measure specific aspects of the IT infrastructure and equipment. In most IT organizations, we are somewhat overwhelmed with the availability of various technology metrics. Some example technology metrics include:

    • CPU utilization of a server
    • Amount of disk space utilized

    • Speed of a network interface

    While technology metrics are abundant, they only provide information about a small piece of the service management environment and potentially only supply information about a tiny technical aspect of a service.

  2. Process Metrics

    Process metrics measure some specific aspect of a process.

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