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Contractor/Vendor Selection: Bridging The Communication Gap

Contractor/Vendor Selection: Bridging The Communication Gap (#3 in the series Outsourcing From a Project Manager’s Perspective)
By Susan Peterson

In the continuing series on outsourcing project work this month’s column addresses the challenges related to selecting those individuals and/or organizations that will provide the expertise needed for specific activities. All too often this process is filled with “communication disconnects” in documenting what is needed from contractors/vendors. Whether one uses requests for proposal (RFPs), requests for information (RFIs), or other types of vendor solicitation documents, clear definition is critical. I have participated in the election process in multiple roles including leading the selection process, writing solicitation documents for clients, and responding to client proposals. The following areas are primary considerations to effectively facilitate the project vendor selection and subsequently the contracting process.

Be specific — even if it hurts.

There is no substitute for clarity in specifying what activities need to be performed. Read the Complete Article