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Legal Project Management: A Trend at the Tipping Point

Legal Project Management: A Trend at the Tipping Point
By Pamela H . Woldow and Douglas B . Richardson

A Whole Bunch of Tipping Goin’ On

The problem with trends that hit “the tipping point” is you don’t always know which way they’re going to tip. In coining the term, author Malcolm Gladwell described ideas or developments that percolate below the radar until they suddenly “go viral,” spread until they become common currency and trigger still more tipping points and viral explosions.

In the legal profession, Legal Project Management (LPM) has gone viral, primarily as a result of unprecedented changes that are rapidly reshaping the legal landscape. LPM represents either a fundamental shift in how law will be practiced in the future or a tempest in a teapot, depending on one’s point of view. We’re convinced it’s the former, but appreciate that LPM may tip in a variety of directions.

Why This, Why Now?

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