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Surviving Organizational Politics – Part I

Surviving Organizational Politics – Part I (#1 in the series Surviving Organizational Politics)
By Satya Narayan Dash

First of all Politics is Not a Bad Word. Live with it. In fact, it is evil only when it is played in a dirty way and when it does not serve the project concerned nor add up to the final organizational goal. Otherwise, it is an integral part of any project environment.

As Aristotle put it once: “Man is a political being”

I was never at it as my belief was – technocrats with project management capabilities will always prevail over the bureaucrats. Also, naively, I was always thinking it is unnecessary and it is done by weak minded and evil people. However, it is not always played in an evil way, though there are chances that you might end up in an organization like that, which is of course the worst case scenario. Read the Complete Article