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Going Beyond Project Management – Adapt to Change

Going Beyond Project Management – Adapt to Change
By Victor Siegle

Change: A Product of an Old Adage

Project-based organizations realize that customer-focused project management is far superior to product-centric project management. In other words, “the customer is always right”. This famous adage that puts your customers’ wants and needs first has always been a motto for project managers. However, never has this saying been more critical to the success of project-based organizations than in the current, unyielding pace of business.

Project managers are faced with an unenviable challenge. Everyday, they are tasked to ensure that all facets of a project are working harmoniously for the common good – delivering a quality end product for the client in a timely manner and within budget. This involves managing schedules, budgets, people, and deadlines.

Being the primary contact point for clients, project managers understand that customers will only remain loyal when they get their needs met, fast. Read the Complete Article


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