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Online Project Management

Online Project Management

Online Project Management Applications

One natural application for the Internet and Web 2.0 is ‘Software as a Service’, commonly referred to as ‘SaaS’.

And one very useful example of SaaS is Online project management.

 Already there is a proliferation of websites offering hosted project management services.

Much of the marketing hype focuses on improved productivity and communication.
For me the benefits are more aligned with ease of use and not having to host your own company wide application on your own IT infrastructure.
Because it is a hosted service, there is no need to buy or install expensive software. And no need to maintain it.

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Directory Hosted Project Management

A directory of hosted project management applications and service providers.

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Website Notes
Hosted Project Management Sites

Software development project management hosting application

Offers a free account but all data uploaded is made public.

Also the free account is supported by advertisements. Annoying but a fact of life.

To keep your data secure you will need to upgrade to a paid subscription.

They have different modules which you can add and delete as you need them.

The applications include:

Issue management

Milestone monitoring

Repositories for source code and files

Collaboration tools for wiki and messages

Management tools like SCRUM stand-up meetings

Man-hour recording

And many more

There are several pricing plans with a 30 day free trial and a free option



Unfuddle is a software development project management service. The user interface looks a lot like BaseCamp, but focussed on software development project management

Features include:

Repositiores for subversion and Git



Bug tracking

File attachments (not free account)

Time tracking

And more…

Several pricing plans including a free option.

The free option allows one active project, two team members and 200MB storage space



This is a true hosted project management solution and suitable for any type and size of project.

Includes budgeting and scheduling activities as well as all the normal interactive services, like:


Document storage

Issue tracking


Status can be viewed as a table, or as a gannt chart.

And all data is exportable

If you’re looking for a complete web-based hosted project management software, this maybe the one for you, but it comes with a price.

Which must be high because they do not publish any pricing plans

You have to ask for the price.

No free accounts here either. However there is a very comprehensive demo site.




Recommended PM App

Recommended PM App