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Choosing the right project management software will ensure that you maximize levels of efficiency and productivity in your business model. It ensures that you can manage scope, budget and time constraints and guarantees that you can deliver an effective solution every time. Are you confused about where to begin? Then this is the guide that you need! 

Best Software Options on the Market

Before we start with features to consider and keep at the top of your list, let’s explore some of the best software options currently available on the market.

The following 5 software have been taken from this Top 10 Best Project Management Software.


Monday is a tool that keeps things simple, you can use this platform to ensure that work is effectively managed and deadlines are met. With a single, user-friendly board, you will be able to clearly see who is operating on what task and guarantee that everyone is on track. This can help ensure that everyone is reaching the highest level of productivity.


Smartsheet is another option that provides advanced features and solutions including a set up for collaboration as well as the ability to automate certain processes. It’s used by Fortune 500 companies which should provide you with a strong idea of the level of power and performance that you get here. You can use it to view data in real-time and easily switch between calendar, grid and card views.


Wrike provides all the features that you need, the main selling point of this app is that it keeps things simple. It provides a rapid solution to ensure that you don’t have to worry about sifting through complex data. You can view tasks as conventional lists and you won’t need multiples screens. You can also automate typical actions both in the app and outside it. This is going to save you a lot of time and this app does come with a range of different pricing points too. 


Clarizen has been around for years and is still one of the best project management systems on the market. It provides search tools that are powerful and an easy to navigate interface. It also ensures that you can easily collaborate with multiple team members and does provide full email integration. You can share tasks with people outside the system and you do get full customization options for notifications. While there’s no free plan, there is a trial so you can explore whether this is the right PMS for you. 


Mavenlink platform is the best if you are just getting started and this is your first PMS. It does come with a free starting point but is completely scalable for when you are ready to grow. It provides a flexible option for tracking projects and ensures that you can manage full workflows as well as individual projects at the same time. It does provide a high level of power which operates on a project-based system. Once you are finished with a particular task, you can move forward with the next one while archiving the task in case you need it for later use. 

Points To Consider

There are a variety of different features and traits that you should consider when selecting the right task management software. This includes:

  • Email Integration – Ideally, you should be able to send and receive emails in the program, minimizing switching between apps.
  • Team Collaboration – The best PMS will ensure that members can easily communicate and discuss different options on a project. Essentially, you should be looking for an adaptive, flexible virtual space. Private messaging and notifications are two great features to watch out for.
  • Easy Task Management – Tasks should be simple to create and manage throughout the process. You should be able to assign different users to certain tasks and import tasks from other systems like a spreadsheet.
  • Mobile – In the modern industry, many workers won’t be operating from behind a desk. A PMS that provides full mobile support will ensure that your business can remain completely flexible. It should function on a variety of different software systems too.
  • Doc Management – Managing different docs will ensure that projects can easily be handled, ideally as simply as possible with drag and drop solutions. A great PM will also provide storage space for different docs.
  • Customization – You may want to explore options that provide customization  possibilities to ensure that you can get exactly what you need from a system like this. This will be particularly beneficial for those operating in sales and marketing.


It’s ideal for everything from product launches to sprint planning as well as the management of agile projects. You can also quickly see who is working on a particular task and who is free, again in real-time. 

As you can see, there is a wide range of factors when selecting a PMS. While you should consider pricing points and ensure that a platform does match your budget requirements, you also need to focus on the features to ensure you can get everything you need from the software you choose. 


Recommended PM App

Recommended PM App