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A Thanks to All the Project Managers
By Project Manage This

As the PM, Account Manager, Coordinator, etc. you recognize those around you…thanking team members for a job well done, praising stakeholders for their timely, thorough and great feedback – in general appreciating others for their contributions through every step of the project.

But, who thanks you? Too often no one does. Yeah, leading projects can be a thankless job at times. However, you take pride in your work and keep your ego in check, so this seldom gets to you.

The words may not be spoken, but you are appreciated by your team members, your clients, managers and the users of whatever it is you’re building. So, on their behalf here are just a few things they thought but never told you:

Thank you for making my job easier.

Thank you for making sure every detail was considered.

Thank you for listening.

Thank you for taking on the stress and keeping your cool.

Thank you for ensuring I have what I need, when I need it, to do my best work.

Thank you for keeping things on track.

Thank you for keeping the million and one priorities in check.

Thank you for putting quality first and for fighting for it.

Thank you for encouraging and empowering those around you.

Thanks PM types, they couldn’t do it without you!

Project managers, program managers, producers, account managers, coordinators, and the like. The unsung heroes. We’re the ones that keep things moving and get it done on time and on budget. We keep our teams motivated and on track, make sure our boss and/or client is happy, and ensure that the community we’re building for get the best product possible. You never see us sweat, rarely hear us swear, and are amazed at how calm we are when fires erupt. That’s because we’re good at what we do.

We absolutely love our job. Making things happen, getting things done, that’s our nature. We never ever vent at work. Ok, rarely do. But we do have tales to tell. “Project Manage This” is a place for PM types to love and hate the career we’ve chosen.

If you have a tale to tell tweet @pmthis

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