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Why You Should Be Using a Gantt Chart (Free Gantt Chart Template)

Gantt charts can get a bad rap these days in some circles. Maybe it’s because they are associated with Waterfall in an age where so many are talking about Agile (for better or worse). Or maybe it’s because they’re just old. The fact is, Gantt charts have and will continue to persevere for a reason; they are the best way to visualize tasks or events in a chronological timeline. Many teams are rediscovering the value of Gantt charts for Agile, outside of Waterfall.

Below is a zoomed-in image of the example Gantt chart.


Benefits of using a Gantt chart

To give you a clearer idea of what Gantt charts can do for your next project, here are 6 known benefits from using Gantt charts to manage your project:

1) Peace of mind

Laying out all the steps, and how they connect, give you a level of comfort in hitting your deadline or goal. Read the Complete Article