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Best Days for a Meeting
By Shea Heaver

Picking a particular day of the week for a meeting may prove to be one of the most effective, yet simplest to implement, means of achieving your objectives.

Picture this, you’re having a weekly project status meeting on a Friday, (which is very common), and the following occurs…

  • John is taking Friday off as he has a long weekend planned, (which is very common), and therefore he is unable to attend
  • Mary brings up an important issue that needs to be addressed. The decision is made that you and her need to meet as soon as possible, (which is very common). Well tomorrow is not feasible, neither is Sunday. Monday may be and option but in the meantime a whole weekend of activities has gone by, the issue may not be fresh in both your minds…and one of you maybe taking Monday off as part of a long weekend.
  • Philip has failed to deliver on something he has commited to. You decide this requires escalation and you want a meeting with Philip and his boss as soon as possible. The same potenial issues arise here as in the previous example.

Above are just three little examples of what can happen if a meeting is planned on a Friday. On top of this it is always good practice to collate and distribute the meeting minutes the following day so once again we have the weekend dilema.

The best days of the week to have important meetings are Tuesdays and Wednesdays as both are mid-week when people are usually in work and they also allow follow up activities and action items to occur the very next day.

Thursday is Ok but the risk of people being out the following day still exists and hence can limit your ‘follow-up’ and immediate action items.

Monday has the potential for people being out and also not being totally focussed on work following the weekend (especially Monday morning).

To recap the best days to have meetings are (in order of effectiveness)

  1. Tuesday
  2. Wednesday
  3. Thursday
  4. Monday
  5. Friday

Shea Heaver, PMP is the creator and owner of the Satisfaction @ Work website.
He has worked across a broad spectrum of diversified cultures, projects, organizations and business processes on a local, national and global scale.
Satisfaction @ Work is a concept we should all strive for and is the index that is at the core of the ‘An Even Better Place to Work’ program.

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