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Time Management for Project Managers and Success

Time Management for Project Managers and Success
By Michelle Symonds

Time management is one of the core functions of a project manager. A project manager, or management team, need to ensure that every job is carried out within a time scale for the project to be a success, and the sorts of areas they should be looking at are:

  • Deciding on priorities
  • Carrying out activities around those priorities
  • Reducing time spent on non priorities
  • Effectively scheduling the tasks
  • Match resources to workloads
  • Planning the amount of time spent on specific activities
  • Creating an environment for effectiveness

The Dictionary

The dictionary definition of time management says – The analysis of how working hours are spent and the prioritisation of tasks in order to maximise the efficiency of the workplace. The definition couldn’t be any clearer; that is exactly what time management is, and lack of it can prevent a business or project reaching its full potential. Read the Complete Article