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Change Management: New Projects Toolkit
By Sharon White

Change management often includes tasks aiming to eliminate problems and obstacles that usually raise under bringing changes, such as fear, avoidance and resistance. Thus, new projects professional care and planning are of great need for their successful implementation.

One of the most accessible ways to eliminate staff’s negative attitude to new projects is whole staff involvement in this project discussion and assessment. For example in discussion of the future company’s development all the personnel are to be given the task to write the answers to the following questions:

1. Define the company’s objectives and tasks according to the new project goal.

2. What role can you play in implementing the tasks and objectives defined by you in the previous question?

3. What additional skills and knowledge do you need to implement new tasks? How can you obtain and use additional skills and knowledge to implement defined tasks?

The employees should be encouraged to understand the questions in their own way even if they can not really see the reasons/aims of the new project.

Such questionnaire is aimed to eliminate employees’ fear and will help each employee’s compulsory involvement in the company’s new project implementation. This approach answers the key principle of successful development in the personnel’s clear understanding and desire in participating in the company’s management. It also coincides with the principle guides to the successful introduction of the internal changes of the company expressed by basic company’s management guidelines and books.

The company’s human resources manager task is to make preliminary analysis and assessment of the answers obtained. The assessment will give a clear idea of who are to be additionally trained and involved in the new project. During analysis the manager should outline the questions to be raised and discussed at general meeting as well. The questions which are put in discussion must meet the main objective – to bring and implement changes for the company’s success.

This objective can be achieved by asking the employees the following questions:

1. How can you introduce the changes regarding to the company’s development necessity?

2. Who can implement the tasks related with changes?

3. How do you see the importance of the your (other employees) involvement in new project?

4. What will stimulate personnel’s participation?

Personnel care is recognized as one of the principle aspect of care and success of business. The primary goal and the main important thing the manager should do are to show each employee’s importance and employ individual interest in changes.

The best and high-skilled project manager is usually expected to foresee and eliminate all possible corrective actions because it ensures at least 50% of the project successful commencement and completion. The result of the project manager high-level work is increase of the staff integration into one unique and strong team and establishment of the strict and clear chart of duties and responsibilities. Clear understanding of these managerial principles is based on good knowledge of historical aspects of success and development.

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