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Don’t leave a Single Question Unanswered on your PMP Exam!
By Cornelius Fichtner, PMP

The PMP® exam is a 200 question multiple choice exam. Each question has four possible answers: A), B), C) or D) and each answer you give correctly is worth one point towards passing the PMP® exam. If you don’t give answer then it is considered incorrect and you will not get a point. There is no “credit” for not answering a question. Your goal is to answer every single question on the exam.

Here is one way of finding the best answer among the four presented:

  • Start out by reading the question. Make sure that you understand it, and that you can distinguish between the important facts and the extra information: learn to ignore those facts that do not relate to the question.
  • Then Read all four possible answers
  • Usually, two of the 4 answers will be very obviously incorrect. So eliminate them
  • Then weigh the two remaining questions against each other and make your choice.

Also remember, that you will have a checkbox on every question that allows you to mark them if you are uncertain. That way, you can come back to the marked questions for review. To practice this approach, stop by at our website and look at our PMP Exam Resources, where we have a list of over 20 links to websites that offer free practice tests.
And what if you really don’t know? Then just pick one. That way you have at least a 25% chance of getting it right. If you leave it empty your chance of getting it right is 0%.

Cornelius Fichtner, PMP is the host of The Project Management Podcast™ at and The Project Management PrepCast™, the first true PMP® Podcast at Cornelius worked as a Project Manager in his native Switzerland, in Germany and in the USA for the last 17 years. He received his PMP credential in April 2004. He has led projects for a management consulting company, a national retailer and an internet startup company. Currently, Cornelius works as a project manager for one of the oldest financial service providers in the USA. His passions are project management methodologies, PMOs and helping others pass the PMP Exam. In addition to hosting the PrepCast™, he is an instructor for the PMP Workshop and the 2007 Chair of his local PMI chapter. He currently lives in Silverado, California, USA with his wife and their two computers.