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How to Get Other People to Follow You
By Annalaura Brown

Are you an aspiring leader in your company, your own business or some other kind of organization and you are trying to figure out how to get others to follow you? Here are some helpful hints, which have worked great for me.

1. Read books written by great leaders and others who have lead large teams. Two of my favorites include: You Don’t Need a Title to Be a Leader by Mark Sanborn and Developing the Leader Within You by John Maxwell.

2. Seek out the advice of other leaders with your organization or within you same kind of business. Find out what they do, who they follow and what they read and then do the same kinds of things and listen to the same people.

3. Hang out with other leaders. Attend their conferences, go to networking groups and find any other way you can to spend time with them.

4. Spend more time developing and growing yourself than you do trying to learn leadership skills.

5. Realize that practice makes perfect. Everyone makes mistakes and it takes time to learn how to be a good leader.

6. Be an example and model the kind of person you want others to be. They will pick up on this and start to follow you.

7. Declare yourself a leader. Tell yourself over and over again that you are a great leader and soon you will believe it and then others will believe it as well.

8. Realize that while you can inspire others, you cannot motivate them or make them follow you. Some will, some won’t who’s next?

You are a great leader and you will continue to become even greater if you work on it and you follow the above steps.

AnnaLaura Brown is a successful home business owner who markets herself and her business on the internet. Subscribe to her free internet marketing E-course at She can also be contacted via her website

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