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Is Your Project In Trouble?
By Giana Rosetti

In this economy, it is a common thing to hear about companies cutting project budgets or cutting the entire project. Cutting the project budget will certainly have an effect on the project scope, schedule, and quality, resulting in a poor delivery of a product/service.

It takes more than a talented motivated team to make a successful project, especially if the problem is the budget cut. And, if you are the project manager, the pressure is on you to deliver your project on time, under the agreed scope and quality.

If you work in projectized company, you as a project manager can seek guidance from your Project Manage Office (PMO) business unit. But if your company doesn’t have one, or if the existent PMO unit is weak, the odds are you will have to come up with some good ideas to overcome your project obstacles.

Why PMOs are so important to the success of a project? Because they have the project, program and portfolio management best practices, time-to-market acceleration, and quality of your initiatives in a cost-effective manner. These are just few reasons why, as a project manager, you should rely in one.

If you are project manager consultant or contractor, you should consider having your personal portfolio of documents that can help you to solve some of project challenges. Such documents are nothing but project management templates. Good project management templates can and will help you with challenged projects increasing the odds of a successful project, regardless of project type of size. Here are some of benefits of having the right project management templates.

  • Reduced cycle time
  • Reduced delivery costs
  • Improved quality of project deliverables
  • Early identification and proactive management of project issues and risks
  • Better containment and management of project scope
  • More opportunities to leverage and reuse knowledge
  • Improved accuracy of estimates
  • Better communication with clients and stakeholders
  • Improved people and resource management
  • Reduced time to get up to speed on new projects

I will be talking more of PMOs and how to setup your own in the following articles.

Giana Rosetti is an electrical engineer and a PMP certified professional with a successful track record directing projects and programs with a combined knowledge of engineering, research and analysis, with strategic marketing driving businesses throughout domestic and international markets. You can read more from Giana on her blog.

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