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Keeping Your Best Employees
By Tim Odoms

Attrition is a real concern for all companies. Depending on the size of the company, the cost of finding, recruiting, and training new employees can be in the millions. Let us cover some concepts that will help keep your best employees. I expect some to be common sense. If some ideas are not new to you, I hope to remind you of some that were forgotten. (These are in no particular order)

1)      Recognition – This can be a low cost way of motivating your employees. It also works better and is less expensive than number two.

2)      Money – This could be in the form of base pay, commissions, or bonuses. Many employers try to boost their bottom line by paying the least possible to their employees. Many employers have not counted the cost of finding, recruiting and training new employees vs. just paying their people a little more. To often a company will let a good person go, instead of paying them what they are worth. Has anyone noticed the downward spiral of the quality of customer service lately?

3)      Appreciation – Everyone wants to be appreciated. No one likes to be treated like a slave or a company number. Thank you(s) go a long way.

4)      Respect – Many employees have terrific ideas to slash budgets and/or create profits. When an employee comes up with an idea follow up on. Even if its, “ Hey, we thought it over and we are going to pass on your idea. Here are the reason(s) why. Please, come back with more ideas.

5)      Competition – An achiever does not like to lose. When faced with competition, they will normally put forward the absolute best effort. Be careful. When used to much it can have a reverse effect.

6)      Time off – Our society has changed over the years. Money used to be the most important. After money, society changed and security became most important. In today society, younger works want to go out and experience life. They want to go be the own person doing their own thing.

7)      Responsibility – Show your employees that you trust them and they will give you a reason for it. What you expect of an achiever is what you will get.

8)      Authority – Imaging you are a new police officer and you are on traffic patrol. You have to use your own car. You have no uniform, badge, or gun. How frustrating is that. This is how an employee feels when given a task without the authority to accomplish it.

9)      Cross-train – This keeps work fresh. Boredom does not set in. They become more rounded and are better to help in a pitch. It will give them better self-confidence.

10)  Fun – All work and no play makes Jack a dull employee.

by Tim Odoms
Expert Trainer for Echostar / DISH Network.

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