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Leadership Coaching: Birthday With The Boss For Employee Motivation
By Mike Krutza

Birthday Lunch For Better Communication

At all levels of the organization, communication lines should be open. There are several ways for the management to bridge the gap to their employees via communication. One of these programs is called “Birthday with Boss”.

A “Birthday with Boss” means that a Senior Executive picks one day each month to have time to talk with all employees having their birthdays for the month. Typically, it’s a lunch session. If the company is reasonably sized, it could mean 2 or 3 employees for that particular session of the month. During the lunch with the boss, employees get to ask their questions and they would be thoroughly responded to. The boss gives time to listen to employees’ comments and directly share his vision for the company’s direction. Given the chance to talk personally with a senior executive, employees can ask about the plans, the future and other aspects of the company that interests them most. With a member of the management team really listening and giving their time, subordinates would feel valued. They then feel more motivated to render their support and commitment to the company and its goals.

When The Company Grows

Such programs, when done effectively can boost the growth of the company. With the company possibly expanding, more employees would come in, which means more birthday celebrants each month. As a result, the Birthday with Boss program might not work well than it used to. As a solution, employees that have been promoted to the management because of the company’s growth can the same program to their teams. This time, Birthday with Boss is applied on the team level.

A Birthday with Boss program will enhance the management’s communication with its employees. It’s quite easy, and the management can do something to make it sound more interesting. They can perhaps call the program as “Chatting with Carlos”, “Lunch with Leo”, or “Munching with Mary”, depending on what the manager’s name is. The program recognizes employees’ birthdays and at the same time, the management gets to select whom to talk to for the month’s session.

Selecting Employees For The Month

The first four employees can be chosen, alphabetically by the last or first name, or maybe pick one employee from each department basing on who has stayed the longest or the shortest.

Communication is a must between the management and its employees. Programs such as “Birthdays with Boss” opens pathways for the important flow of communication and rapport between the management and employees.

Mike Krutza specializes in executive coaching with individuals and teams. Visit Mike’s website here.

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