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Leadership Coaching: Clarity And Focus Using The Rule Of Three
By Mike Krutza

Why The Rule Of Three?

In many great stories and writings, you’ll find that data are grouped in threes. It’s the rule of three, and it is intentional. Why? Because the Rule of Three creates focus and clarity. Think about The Three Musketeers, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Three Wise Men, The Three Stooges, The Three Blind Mice and The Three Little Pigs. What do they have in common? You’ll often see three bullet points in presentations. Why is it more effective than two or four?

In leadership coaching, coaches recognize the insight and value of the rule of three and use it to reach out to clients. This often surprises people. During a coaching session, clients are usually asked what their top 3 focus areas are. Frequently, they click them off with precision.

Clarify Your Objectives And Engage Your Workers

You need to establish a healthy work culture in your organization. A necessary ground work in this endeavor is an awareness and investment of workers. This ought to be a key focus area. If a survey was conducted about the three focus areas of your business, would your workers know? If they do, how many of them know and how much do they know? It would really be disappointing if your employees do not know what your business objectives are. In this aspect, you have to realize the value of clarifying your objectives and engaging your employees. If yours is an organization that believes that only money makes the difference, then your business is likely to implode.

Bring Your Best Workers Forward

Paint a picture for your people to see. That is, make it a vision of hope that they can see and feel. As a leader, you need to be innovative, creative and soulful in this undertaking. Engage your employees so that you spur their innovativeness and creativity. You want to bring your best workers forward.

In your key focus areas, develop three measurable outcomes for “the way it feels” when working in your company. For example:

“A working environment that feels clear, kind and respectful”

“A workplace where integrity, creativity and innovative thought are recognized and valued”

Next is, you can also develop three measurable outcomes of your business objectives. These may be:

  • Growth
  • Capital
  • Receivables
  • Sales
  • Net expenses
  • Etc.

You can make an exhaustive list, but choose the top three that will make the greatest difference.

Create clarity and focus in your people by painting a picture of hope using the rule of three.

Mike Krutza specializes in executive coaching with individuals and teams. Visit Mike’s website here.

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