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New Business Paradigms and Old Problems
By John Bolden

The ability to respond to constant change and adopt new paradigms for success is based on information, ingenuity and insight and knowing exactly how to use them all to best advantage… But! Before one can take advantage of tomorrow’s thinking, one has to stop thinking inside the linear, insular, singular project box!

Time after time, we see cases where efforts to improve the business failed to meet expectations because the need was envisioned as though it were the only demand, plans were drafted as though the business will stand still in the meantime and the project executed as though it were the only project!

Demands to strengthen, improve, streamline, consolidate or reinvent the business are not linear, demand does not line up sequentially. Today’s demands will not be the same as last week and tomorrow’s will be different yet again…

The problem lies in the fact that how each demand is envisioned, planned and executed is bound by linear, insular, singular thinking.

Linear Thinking…

  • …evokes a singular response to each business issue or opportunity.
    …which means enterprise wide clarity and cohesion is absent…

  • …is methodology rich and flexibility poor, cannot visualize quick wins outside of process.
    …which means innovation is inhibited by dogma; dexterity is stifled by process…

  • …spawns a multitude of information silos and process gaps.
    …which means a solution centric focus does not enable seamless enterprise wide value…

  • …is exclusionary based on process rules and artificial scope boundaries.
    …which means process defines what will be delivered irrespective of real business need…

Such thinking is the major reason why so many efforts to improve the business fail to deliver what is required, when it is required!

No business can afford to be constrained by allowing such thinking to dictate how the business responds to today’s issues and opportunities.

If you are wondering how and why processes and information repositories would be created without making sure they fit together neatly and seamlessly – ask for a copy of my thought leadership text: ‘Information/Process Silos – The Bane of the Enterprise’

If you would like to learn more about the seminar themes I speak to, types of consulting engagements and research that underpins my thinking, feel free to browse my web presence at

John Bolden

Transformation Leadership, Innovation & Research

John Bolden is renowned for value laden advice that stakeholders depend on when assessing the wisdom of investing billions. John’s views and observations enable corporate leaders to ask the right questions, probe problematic answers and avoid surprises.

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