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PgMP Multi-Rater Assessment
By Eric Reeder

In order to earn the PMI’s newest credential the PgMP® you must first pass three evaluations:

  1. The application review
  2. The credential’s exam and
  3. The multi-rater assessment or MRA. The MRA seems like a very straight-forward 360 exam, and by all accounts it is. I am writing this post just to call your attention to the MRA requirements.

The PgMP® application reads that “In order to comply with the Multi-rater Assessment, you must provide 12 reference contacts to review your competence as a program manager. Your contacts must include: one supervisor, four peers, four direct reports and three professional references of your choice.” What the application fails to mention, but which is clearly stated in the PgMP® Handbook is to make sure all of the raters will respond. This means that 12 responders are the minimum.

If you only submit 12 names, this can sometimes be a difficult task as people move, change jobs, email, etc. To avoid a situation where 100% of the responders are required, go ahead and submit additional names with your application. When I submitted my application, I supplied 22 names. The PMI has not established a minimum percentage of responders – only that there be at least 12 responders and that they cover the minimum per category, (one supervisor, four peers, four direct reports).

As soon as the PMI receives your passing score for the multiple-choice examination, PMI begins the Multi- rater Assessment (MRA) process. During this time, don’t just sit and wait for the outcome of your MRA. You have three weeks to get the minimum responders and the PMI provides you with the tools to ensure that you will. The company that facilitates the MRA will provide you with an ID/PW to monitor who has completed the survey. While you will not be given specific responder information, who will know how many by category have completed the survey. The survey control panel will also allow you to send reminder emails to those who have not yet completed the survey. Each time you click “send reminder”, the survey facilitator’s system will determine which references have not responded and will send just those a reminder that you require their completed survey before XX/XX/XX date.

During your active monitoring you may discover that your not meeting the minimum requirement. While you cannot add new names to the references list at this time, you can work with the survey facilitator to change an email for a resource if you discover that the email you originally provided was incorrect. The best way to ensure that your references will compete the survey on time is to alert them in advance that it is coming by sending them an email the day you pass the PgMP®. The email I sent to one my references in shown below:


I am working on a new certification from the PMI, It is called the Program Management Professional (PgMP). In case you didn’t know, I obtained my Project Management Professional (PMP) in 2002. Certification for this credential has been an exhaustive process. So far, the process has included:

  • Documentation of 14,000 hours of project management experience
  • Documentation of 7,500 hours of program management experience
  • Submission of my application
  • Application returned for changes
  • Re-Submission of my application
  • Acceptance of my background information
  • Audit of application information (cleared with employer affidavits)
  • Acceptance of my qualifications (through a PMI panel review)
  • Today I passed the 4 hour exam (covering all program phases, processes, and knowledge areas)

The only step remaining is a Multi-Rater Assessment (MRA). This is where you will enter the process. I was asked to provide names and contact information for a minimum of 12 managers, stakeholders and peers that worked with me at some point during the 20,000 hours of program/project work that I documented. Your name was provided to the PMI. They will notify all 22 resources that I provided and ask them to complete a 360 survey of my performance. I understand the assessment to be 70 questions in length. Each question has a point value that will contribute to my overall MRA. The combined score of the assessment must exceed 325 points or I will not earn the PgMP credential. Therefore, when you receive an assessment request PLEASE answer it. Thank you in advance for your participation in the important process.

Compared to the PgMP® Exam, the MRA is a cakewalk. Just remember to supply more than enough names and monitor their participation via the facilitator’s control panel. Good luck.

Eric Reeder, Project Management Coach

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