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PMP Certification: Quick Tips to Prepare
By Christian Bisson

For those who want to dive into the PMP exam and feel like they don’t know where to start once they applied, here are some quick tips to help guide you:

  • Avoid setting your exam date too quick

    This may vary depending of how much free time you have in your schedule, but give yourself at least 2 months to study, some even need 3 to 4.

  • Plan your studying

    You want to avoid studying at the very last minute, like most of us are most likely to do. Build a weekly study plan that includes every detail to how many pages of the PMBOK per day you’ll read, to how many quiz simulations you do.

    It may seem overkill for some, but it works if you stick to it, assuming your plan is realistic towards your schedule.

  • PMBOK doesn’t have to come first

    The PMBOK guide is great but not necessarily “fun” to read. Sometimes, it even lacks proper examples or context, and states too bluntly what should be done. This being said, although not mandatory to actually read it, it’s good to go through it once, but read an alternate book first like Head First PMP or Rita’s course. The PMBOK will then be easier to read and understand.

  • Do several test simulations

    The more you answer questions, the better. What’s important here is to review your answers once you have your score, that’s what will help you learn.

    It’s also suggested to do at least one real 4h simulation with 200 questions, so you can see when you need to rest or how long you need. After that you can adjust your speed accordingly.

Christian Bisson is a project manager from Montreal, QC, Canada. His PM experience is concentrated in the Internet world, and he helped deliver over a 100 projects over his PM years. You can read more from Christian on his blog.

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