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Project Efficiency and Effectiveness: The IT Project Management
By Bharat Bista

The two primary objectives of project management are that the project should be effective and efficient. Most projects confound effectiveness, efficiency and effort to create a more efficient task, ignoring effectiveness, resulting in project breakdown.

Projects being successful imply projects to produce effective effects, but at other end being efficient implies producing consequences with minimum effort or the caliber to carry out actions promptly.

Efficiency of the Project

Efficiency of the project is the determinant or a ratio of the out puts from a process activity in relation to the resource inputs, as a measured by the volume of output achieved for the input used. The project can be described as efficient if all stages, maturity, delivery, initiation and implementation are accomplished within the constrains identified at its beginning, in terms of workforce, cost, time and objectives.

Success: If the project is able to exploit the resources of the members of the project group and the user time to the fullest, avoiding unnecessary idle time, delays or wasted time brought about by undertaking tasks or activities.

Furthermore, the project will be effective if integration of activities of the members of the project team, and the interaction with dependences through other parties outside the project team are capable of apt delivery of resources including hardware, software services and training.

Besides, proper time management of resources also signifies efficiency of the project, as resources arrive before they are required, this may lead to problems, deterioration, unexpected fluctuation in planned cash flows and a proportion of the warranty period elapsing before equipment has been used.

Effectiveness of the Project

Effectiveness of the project is a measure of how well or complete a project task will carry out. A project can be described as effective if it meets with established objectives including the required needs of the user producing quality standards that have been specified to satisfy the needs.

Furthermore, a project can be considered effective if it is able to integrate within the existing organizational system structures and processes with sufficient flexibility; in addition, if it is capable of responding to the changes in the environment in which the system will operate accordingly to the change in the requirement of the user.

Two terms can occur, effectiveness in subjective concept and efficiency in objective impression, in brief; project efficiency is the ratio of the resource inputs and the outputs, while effectiveness can be gauged with objective achievements of the project.

Author: Bharat Bista – Edited by Bruce Cullen

Reference: Project Management -IT Project Management Solutions -IT Project Management Tools

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