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Project Lifecycle Processes – Phase 3 – Delivery Phase
By Stephen S Alison

The purpose of the Delivery phase to design, develop, test, implement and hand over the solution identified in Phase 2, the Feasibility Study Phase.

Key Players – The key players within the Delivery Phase are:

    • The Business Sponsor who is responsible for providing overall direction of the project and for ensuring that periodic reviews or health checks are performed;
    • The Sponsor’s Representative who is responsible for representing the Business Sponsor on day-to-day matters and issues;
    • The Project Manager who is responsible for managing this phase of the project, including controlling, monitoring, reviewing and reporting;

the Stakeholders who are responsible for confirming the correct interpretation of the Users’ requirements;

Process Description & Recommendations

  • The Project Manager must:
    • Create and continuously update the Project Management Plan;
    • Implement best-practice project controls;
    • Continuously monitor and control the project;
    • Continuously review the project deliverables;
  • The Business Sponsor should ensure that towards the end of each Stage, or at least every 3 months, a review or health check is performed to:
    • Confirm that the project remains in accordance with the corporate business objectives, and that it continues to meet a real business need;
    • Check performance against previously agreed success criteria;
    • Confirm that forecasts of benefits to be delivered remain valid;
    • Confirm that the Phase is complete and that the project team is adequately prepared to proceed to the next Phase;

Stephen S Alison is a retired “bean counter” who spent 26 years in middle management positions for major US financial institutions in Europe and a further 10 years as an adviser/consultant to a number of European financial institutions. He owns and operates a number of “hand built” niche websites including: and

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