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Project Management And Time Management – Getting It Right
By Tony Robinson

One of the areas that are often ignored in time management is communication skills. Many overlook the important aspects of communication and get caught up in time wasting. While others go through communication too fast, and ignore details that are productive. Finding the right balance of effective and efficient communication can be the greatest aspect of time management; bringing you to your completed objectives. Unless your objectives are in a vacuum where you are the only one involved, communication is definitely necessary.

Among the things required for efficient and effective communication is negative feedback, positive feedback, empathy, and open mindedness. They all help you in communicating to and from others on all fronts, and when you can save time at them remaining effective, you have more time elsewhere in your time management. Better communication means less time wasted. This is the essence of time management, not wasting time.

Using both negative and positive feedback, when communicating is pretty important, as they  gauge how effective your communication is. They help you both listening and talking. What are you communicating? Is it instructions to a subordinate, or from someone higher up? Does it define the objective or actions involved to complete the objective? Between listening and asking, you can better determine if all involved understand what is being communicated.

Another important aspect is empathy. This is pretty much the part of understanding what the other person is thinking, which helps you better understand what is being communicated, as well as giving yet more feedback.

Communication has many ways of finding how much someone understands. When they can describe what you have said, and you can tell if they understand, and when they do, they are good to get their tasks and objectives done, and you can do the same on your end. The more involved, the more time there is to work with, and with great multiple person time management, the whole operation goes forward.

Using feedback and empathy, you can make your communication more effective and efficient. From there you have more time to take the actions to get your objectives done, then with feedback, you can also better communicate your objectives so others know where you need to be, as well as help understand theirs and what they need. In the end, there’s a balance that has everyone effectively spending their time.

In general, management is a large area. Time management is one important aspect to see the larger picture working smoothly. The better the communication, and less wasteage involved in time management, the more efficiently the results will come through. Properly reading feedback and feeling what the other people are thinking will take you a long way in better communication. Practice this and improve on it, and in the end you will see more objectives occur faster.

Tony Robinson has worked in many industries and business. Time management and Project Management has played an important role in his success.

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