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Project Management Professional Examination Tips
By John Reiling

Project Management is all about planning and organizing precise Project goals carefully to have sure success. The objective of project management, and the important one, is to give high regards to constraints (scope, time and budget) as you accomplish the goals and expectations of the project.

To make an individual become a Project Management Professional, he needs to apply and take the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Exam. This is proposed by the Project Management Institute (PMI) to those who wants to earn the title. They also have given certain requirements for qualification processes:

  • Written record of Project Management experience
  • Attain at least 61% passing grade in the PMP Certification Exam
  • Have a complete 35-hour PMP training

In the current situation of our society, this PMP Certification is given of great importance for organizations and industries are specifically looking for competent employees and able to direct the projects good. If you take this certification, you will have a great advantage over the others because the training given will develop and improve your skills and abilities as a PMP.

One of those companies who insisted that it should be a PMP certified who will work with their projects is the Fortune 1000 companies. They specifically required a PMP for they are specially trained for that line of work. The function of the Project Management has developed into a clear system of training that includes all kinds of activities that improves the skills and abilities to have effective execution of the project.

But, one thing you need to know is that the PMP Exam is a difficult exam. Before taking it, I want to give some tips that might be helpful to you during the exam:

  • Let us start with the most basic procedure: a PMP Exam Preparation Course. You need to find institutions that provide PMP Boot Camps that involves 3-5 days complete training sessions within classrooms. The major advantage you could have is to get an experiential interaction between PMP Experts and other PMP applicants. You could ask them some important points in taking the exam, also in the actual fields where you need to apply it.
  • Use of sample PMP test questions. After taking up the PMP course, you could test yourself by answering this seemingly PMP Certification Exam. There are lots of these available on the Web where you can easily access and then prepare yourself for the actual examination period. Using these, you would train yourself on answering all of the questions within the limited time given. It helps you see where you are good at and parts where you need more study.

On the examination day, there are things you need to know and remember:

  1. The PMP Certification Exam is composed of 200 multiple-choice questions and is required to be answered within 4 hours. You are going to take this exam online.
  2. This test is only a multiple choice questionnaire. The respondent doesn’t require typing anything.

  3. Within those 200 questions, there are so called 25 “pre-test” questions and these are not counted for scoring. You should know that these questions are placed randomly so you wouldn’t be able to identify them. With this fact, you only have to answer 175 correct questions.

  4. You must not think that because there are 25 uncounted questions, you would feel safer. Not counting them doesn’t mean you’ll pass. You even need to study harder because you don’t know where those phoney questions are located.

  5. To pass the exam, you are required to have at least 60.6% correct answers or 106 out of 175 questions.

  6. Don’t forget to rest and eat plenty of nutritious food to gain strength and have strong mind during the exam.

Remember these tips and keep it in your minds and hearts so that you will be ready and confident enough to take that Project Management Certification Exam.

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