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Project Management Training
By Thomas Morva

Project management training is actually a process of helping people involved in the project be aware of their roles and learn how to properly execute their roles while enhancing their skills and knowledge related to the steps which make up the entire plan. Training is usually integrated in the plan itself and are customized to match the objectives and the existing resources that the company has. Training events are scheduled periodically based on the projected project needs. These events are structured and highly organized and also follow a strict order for optimal efficiency.

What Project Management Trainings are Comprised of?

During the course of planning, training experiences are scheduled to support the specific steps of the project management planning process. Each member is then given self-assessment tests and is subjected to interviews to have an idea as to where to start. This also establishes the project data from where the plans may be based on in terms of human resources. This may also provide a profile of the company, pinpointing who gets delegated which task.

After all these, a comprehensive overview of the project management plan is presented to all the members. Part of the training would be proper consideration of their needs in relation to that of the company’s needs and also the realization of shared goals.

A series of lectures involving classroom activities, forums, brainstorming, team building activities, etc, all relevant to the plan are then employed. This also provides real project responsibilities and firsthand experiences related to the job. Follow up is also given as part of their training maximizing all training materials in terms of content and use. An added option in project management training includes training other perspective trainers.

The proper scheduling of appropriate and timely training modules that cater to the different tasks involved in the training process is part of the strategic implementation of plans in the training process. Remember that each training module has been specifically developed and designed for maximum learning an retention based on the user’s needs.

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