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Project Management Training – Identify the Key Players
By Ron Rosenhead

Who goes on to training courses in your company? Is it those who want to go in order to develop their skills? Is it those who are identified as needing training or is there no overall approach to selecting individuals?

Training is expensive! The payoff from it can be many times the cost however I wonder how many companies take a real look at their project management training courses and the return they are getting.

Who attends your project management training courses?

One of the key aspects is the decision – who goes on project management training courses. Too frequently, on our courses, we see people who are either not involved in running or working on projects and nor will they be in the foreseeable future.

Project management training needs to be targeted and here is my suggestion how this should be done:

  • Stage 1: Identify all the key strategic projects (a job for the project office?) – this will ensure you have one overarching list of projects
  • Stage 2: Identify who fulfills which roles in the project. Who is the project manager, who is the sponsor etc.

  • Stage 3: Ensure there are courses in place for all groups and target them for the training. This targeting should include senior managers and those who sit on project boards.

How long do key people need to wait to attend a project management course?

This approach ensures that key company projects are staffed by those who are trained. Too often, we meet people running projects who have had no project training. Some who have attended courses have made comments such as “I have been waiting for 18 months to get onto this course.” Their place has been ‘taken’ by someone who is not involved in projects and is unlikely to be involved.

When training course selection is like this what’s the rate of return on the initial investment?

Ron Rosenhead is a trainer, consultant speaker and coach all in the area of project management. He has vast consultancy and training experience and you can read his blog at

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