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Recruitment and Selection
By Duncan Brodie

One of the most important decisions facing any organisation is recruiting the right people.  Some organisations appear to be highly effective while others struggle.  So how can you improve in this area?

Train Those Recruiting

Strange as it may seem, many organisations don’t make the investment to ensure that those faced with one of the most important decisions have the right skills.

Be Clear On What You Are Looking For

If you are going to get the right person for the job, you need to be clear on the skills, qualifications, experience, personal attributes and qualities that the right candidate will have.

Select The Most Appropriate Source For Securing Applicants

The key point here is to be sure you are choosing the right place to advertise.  Sometimes a local newspaper will work.  At other times, you may need to go to specialist publication or a recruitment consultant.

Establish A Clear Framework For Shortlisting

You might for example use a scoring system to shortlist applicants.

Consider The Best Option For Selecting Candidates

In some cases you might just go for a traditional interview and possibly add in a presentation.  Other times you might want to use assessment days.

Remain Open Minded

Often people jump to conclusions about candidates within minutes.  Remember some of the best candidates might take a few minutes to get warmed up so don’t discount people too quickly.

Remember It Is A Two Way Choice

Recruiters often forget that the candidate is also making a choice about whether they want to work in the organisation.

Be Professional

When interviewing you are representing your organisation, its values, beliefs.  Today’s candidate if they don’t get the job could be a customer or supplier in the future so give the best impression you can.

Give Feedback

Good candidates spend a lot of time preparing.  Good employers will take the time to provide good feedback to successful and unsuccessful candidates.


Every time you are involved in recruiting take time to reflect on your performance and process.  What worked well?  What would make it more effective?

Remember at the end of the day you are making a major investment decision.  Take the time to make it as effective as possible.

Duncan Brodie is a Leadership Development Coach and Management Trainer at Goals and Achievements
He specialises in helping in helping technically great accountants to become great managers and leaders

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