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Role Description for Steering Committee Member
By Phil de Kock

This document outlines the role and function of Steering Committee Members mainly in ERP implementations. As such the document will highlight the following:

Role Purpose

The purpose of the role is to take responsibility to implement the Steering Committee Charter, and thereby to ensure that the mandate of the Steering Committee is executed in the most effective and efficient fashion.

Key Focus Areas

  • The Steering Committee Member is primarily responsible for understanding all important project issues and making appropriate decisions to keep the project on track
  • This role entails gathering the updated action items status, communicating steering committee decisions, and ensuring that decisions are carried out
  • Monitors progress, reviews reports, intervenes/makes decisions if necessary and attends regular Steering Committee meetings
  • The above is enacted in consultation and as per mandate of the Steering Committee as a whole

Role Prerequisites

The Steering Committee Member should ideally:

  • Represent one or more of the following interests:
    1. Business
    2. Customer
    3. Users
  • Have executive level decision making authority
  • Have a high level industry and business understanding
  • Have strategic level perspective
  • Have a fundamental understanding of the importance of communication, the role of leadership action and competence in creating the right psychological climate for change Projects and Change 2.0

Phil de Kock is an organization and management consultant with a career span of more than 20 years in several disciplines, including finance and admin, quality, project management as well as human and organization development.

He consulted to various companies, including Namdeb (De Beers Namibia), Deb Marine, Anglo Base Metals (Skorpion Zinc) as well as public sector organization such as the Health Professions and Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Council. His most recent work include lecturing on project management, leadership and Human Resources Management at the institutions that include the Centre for Learning, Training and Development (WITS University), Varsity College (ADVTECH Group Ltd) and Global Business School.

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