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Take Massive Action But Only Against Activities in the Project Plan
By Richard Morreale

Action does not necessarily equal achievement. As you probably know it is possible to be very active and just be spinning your wheels staying still. Have you ever spent a day where you were very busy but at the end of the day you felt that you had not achieved anything of value? I have and I know lots of other people who have done the same thing. So what kind of action equals achievement? The answer, of course, is action taken against activities in the Project Plan. In fact, my suggestion is that you focus on the Plan and that you take MASSIVE action against the activities in the Plan.

If you have a proper Plan in place that the Team helped develop and that the Project Board approved, then that Plan will include all of the products that must be delivered on the Project and all of the activities required to deliver the products. In other words, all of the things that need to be done to successfully complete the Project are in the Project Plan. Therefore, the Project Team should not be spending time working on anything other than the activities in the Project Plan. Team members should not be wasting their time on activities that are not in the Plan.

I understand that we sometimes make mistakes and we might miss something that needs to be done. In that case, if there are other things that the Team thinks need to be done then you must review those things and make a decision as to whether they should be included in the Plan or not. If they must be done then they must be included in the Plan. If they are included in the Plan it must be because they are helping to produce a deliverable. If they are not helping to produce a deliverable then you must ask the question, why do we have to do it?

Let’s make sure of a number of things:

  • Our Plans are well thought out and we have done everything possible to develop a comprehensive, detailed Plan at the beginning,
  • Our people have helped us develop the Plan and they are in agreement with it,
  • Our people understand that they should not work on anything other then the activities in the Plan without first discussing it with you,
  • You decide quickly as to whether the new things should be done or not and, if they are to be done, the Plan gets updated to reflect the new activities.

Massive action against the activities in the plan. That’s one of the important keys.

Richard Morreale is a project manager, professional speaker, author and consultant specializing in Project Management, Leadership, Achievement and Customer Service.

You can book Richard for your next meeting or conference at or 336 499 6677.

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