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The Process Creation Process
By Mariusz Zielinski

I was recently asked to create a process for my organization. As I developed it I began pondering on the process as such. By itself, a process is simply a formalized idea to systematize a part of the organization.

It is a principle to be followed by all concerned employees, resistant to manipulation attempts yet flexible enough neither to disrupt normal job activities nor to generate extra work.

In fact all employees might be doing the right thing on their own accord without referring to a formal process. It should be enough to make their duties known to them verbally.

It “should” be but what if it isn’t?

A process helps us set measurable and verifiable standards for the ways things are to be done, enforcing employees’ proper behaviors. And so if Mr.Smith fails to do his duties in accordance with the process provisions a verifiable trace will remain in the system.

On the other hand, we don’t want to create too much additional work or the process will become an unwanted chore opposed by all the staff. Conversely, well designed and well executed processes will be appreciated by most employees since they can improve their sense of security owing to more predictable environment which Maslow believed to influence their motivation level.

The process flexibility and the openness to unexpected occurrences invite special attention. The process user must not be faced with inability to do what is obvious but has not been provided for in the process.

Thus the creation of a process is in itself an excellent test for its maker.

Mariusz Zielinski is a project manager at Samsung Electronics R&D. Create software for digital TV receivers (STB & PVR). Previously he co-founded SCMA Company and was the author of software for security and protection centers. He also managed a mobile robot project for Polish Astronautics Society (PTA) and led a team of developers of a computer game, “Tridonis”. Mariusz graduated with a Master of Science degree from University of Gdansk and has completed post-graduate studies for IT Project Managers at the Warsaw University of Technology.

His blog: Manage Yourself first

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