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The Way to Succeed in Leadership
By Brad Hanson

Great leaders jump out of their environment and determine to do something different, something more important, than just being a manager. They motive, inspire, and drive change. The way to keep inspiration is to give it away. The way to have a great leadership personality is to radiate a great leadership personality. One of the great secrets of leadership success is to let your inner light shine. The way to succeed in leadership is to help other people succeed in leadership.

We get encouragement by giving encouragement. Give people you lead your best and their best comes back to you. Our leadership abilities are developed, our talents multiplied, and all of the joy and success of great leadership are ours because of what we have given away. Great leadership comes as a reward for what we have done for others.

Take time to be successful, to be kind, to be considerate, to motivate, inspire, and drive change. With determination and vision, motivate the people and reach for things worth while. You know what will happen. The result is sure. Every day will be a day of glory, and you will become a great leader. One great lesson we should all learn is to see the possibilities in ourselves and in others. It is a great satisfaction to see other people climb higher through our assistance. It is better to be a burst of sunshine than a wet sponge.

Cease to prepare, and you cease to grow; cease to grow, and you will cease to be a great leader. It is absolutely certain that the only people who can ever become great leaders are the people who can hold out, who can bide their time, who understand that patience is a teacher. It was Washington’s patience as much as his military genius that won the Revolution. It was the patience of Robert Kahn and Vint Cerf that gave us the Internet, and the patience of Columbus that discovered a new world.

The idea that everything worth doing was intended for someone more capable is what keeps the average manager from becoming a great leader. First, lead yourself to greater things today than you did yesterday. Forget those who envy you, those who would pull you down and trample you under their feet, hoping to gain a foothold for themselves.

There is a personal price that a person must pay for being a great leader and that is the price of integrity. Every great leader must make a fight for the truth within themselves. Vision and integrity is the food upon which leadership thrives. It is vision, integrity, and the will of the spirit that makes great leaders. These great leaders manage the great organizations of the world, and build monuments of achievement that reach to the very stars.

Whether in a political campaign or leading a movement for civic righteousness, the amount of work involved is almost inconceivable, and the leaders influence is as wide as the earth itself. Great leaders stand tall like a giant mountain high above the storms that keep little managers in a daily state of turmoil.

The real difference between those who succeed and those who don’t is, the one thinks they can, the other thinks they cannot. The one discovers their leadership greatness, the other doesn’t. The one learns that they can be a great leader, and the idea of being a great leader motivates and inspires them. The other one thinks that all of the great things in the world were intended for someone else.

Leadership success must come as the result of one’s own efforts, and not at the expense of someone else, successful organizations are seldom built up by tearing down other people. When a leader allows deceit to become a part of their working capital, all that is noble in them withers and dies.

Brad Hanson is an experienced management consultant, master sales & leadership trainer, & a keynote speaker with 40 years of sales & leadership experience. You can follow Brad on Twitter @managementbrad.

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