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Those Who Fail To Plan, Plan To Fail!
By Doha Shawki

Many a times did we hear this saying “Those who fail to plan, Plan to fail” and it is very true. A lot of managers these days claim that detailed planning is not needed and that concentrating on a plan is not important. They base their claim on the fact that plenty of planned projects nowadays go over budget or completely fail.

This is true, a lot of projects now run over budget and many managers fail to execute the plan as designed. But this does not mean that we omit planning all together. The problem is we forget that besides putting the plan there are other factors that need to be considered to ensure the success of the plan.

Any project manager, after putting the plan, has to make sure he chooses the right team to implement it. Communication skills are crucially important to make sure that the implementing team is communicating effectively to eventually succeed. The manager himself has to have leadership skills to be able to coach the team and communicate effectively and induce the team spirit. The minute you want to have everything in your hands and the minute you make decisions on your own without communicating, is the minute you fail.

Along with the plan, you will have to put into consideration contingency plans. You have to put onto the table all the possible “what ifs” and plan ahead for actions to be taken.

So it is extremely naive to say we have to stop planning since we can’t stick to the plan most of the time. The wise thing to say is we have to plan right and make sure that we are executing the plan in the right way using the right team and the right tools.

Doha Ahmed Shawki is a Management Consultant who started her career as a software developer and gradually gained enough experience and earned her way up to strategic management positions. During her 15 years journey she managed several projects to success and tackled a lot of issues successfully.

Doha has a masters degree and bachelor degree in computer science and currently studying to earn her MBA. The blend of technical and business backgrounds has given her an edge in becoming able to lead organizations and individuals to success.

Her biggest strengths are the ability to assess a firms needs to achieve required goals and standards, ability to establish measurable techniques to track performance of different functions and individuals, ability to formulate strategies and find means to define how to measure a company’s performance, ability to motivate employees and find the best means to measure their performance, ability to turn problematic projects into a success besides excellent planning and organizational skills. for more information check:

Currently, Doha accepts part-time and freelance consultancy jobs to help organizations achieve their goals and leverage their performance.”

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