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What Are the Contents of the Project Brief? (#2 in the series The Project Brief)
By The Office of Government Commerce – OGC, UK

The following is a suggested list of contents, which should be tailored to the requirements and environment of each project.

  • Project Background

    Project Definition, explaining what the project needs to achieve. It will contain:

    • project objectives
    • project scope
    • outline project deliverables and/or desired outcomes
    • any exclusions
    • constraints
    • interfaces
  • Outline Business Case

    • a description of how this project supports business strategy, plans or programmes
    • the reason for selection of this solution
  • Customer’s quality expectations

  • Acceptance Criteria

  • Any known risks

If earlier work has been done, the Project Brief may refer to the document(s) containing useful information, such as Outline Project Plan.

Successful delivery toolkit, the Office of Government Commerce – © Crown Copyright 2009

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