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What is Fast Tracking in Project Management Terms?
By Sivaraj Dhanasekaran

Fast Tracking is a duration compression technique to shorten the project schedule usually to meet the target dates. Normally this will be done by overlapping or compressing some of the project phases. This will result in over-all shorter project schedule.

Most common method of Fast Tracking is to starting two or more tasks at the same time that were originally planned to start on different time schedule.


  1. It’s an option to keep the project on schedule
  2. Compresses/shortens the project schedule
  3. Allows meeting the client commitments


  1. Increases risk and potentially causes rework

As a Project Manager, you might be frequently asked by the key stakeholders to do fast tracking the entire project. Stakeholders always focus on the target date. But as Project Manager you must look into all aspects such as meeting the project objectives, resources, and quality apart from schedule. Thus you must focus on the health of the entire project and analyze to make a right decision. You should apply your negotiation skills to convince the key stakeholders with your proper justification.

Dhanasekaran, Sivaraj is a certified PMP and works as a Senior Project Manager in one of the leading MNC banks in Singapore. He has over 13 years IT experience and handled banking projects as well as managed production support team for complex Treasury applications for various MNC banks.

He loves to share his experience and knowledge gained as Project Manager and also providing guidance to people who wanted to obtain PMP certification. He runs a project management forum at

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