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What Is the Value of PMP® Certification Through PMI®?
By Claudia Vandermilt

When you earn Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification through the Project Management Institute (PMI®), you’ll position yourself for the best and most lucrative job opportunities. No matter what industry you choose to work in, PMP® certification will be a huge asset as you move forward in your career. Not only does the credential itself carry prestige, but the skills and knowledge that you develop as you work towards attaining it will help you consistently deliver superior performance.

Personal and Professional Benefits of PMP® Certification

Obtaining PMP® certification is the best way to prepare to assume greater responsibilities in your job, and show your supervisors that you have the dedication and knowledge to be entrusted with those responsibilities. Also, because the certification process through PMI® is so thorough and rigorous, completing the program is a great boost to your self-confidence.

By earning your PMP® certification, you will also demonstrate to your current and prospective employers that you are dedicated to excellence and are capable of performing at the highest level in the field of project management. This makes it more likely that you will receive greater compensation in your current position and have increased opportunities for advancement. In fact, the annual PMI® Project Management Salary Survey reveals that certified Project Management Professionals earn an average salary of more than $100,000 per year!

Business Benefits of Supporting PMP® Certification

Individuals aren’t the only ones who reap the benefits of PMP® certification. Companies that support the PMP® certification of their employees generally have a more disciplined and knowledgeable workforce. The rigors of the PMP® certification process and the requirement that certifications be maintained through continuing education mean that employees who hold this credential will always be aware of the latest developments in the field.

Not only does PMP® certification make the business as a whole more efficient and lead to greater project success rates, but it also makes the company more attractive to prospective clients. Most clients are aware that a PMP®-certified project management team can deliver the results they seek. Additionally, by supporting the professional growth of employees through PMP® education and certification, companies can demonstrate that they recognize and appreciate the dedication and contributions of their employees – which helps them to attract and retain the best in the field.

Who Needs PMP® Certification the Most?

While just about anyone working on corporate projects can benefit from the knowledge gained from formal project management training, it can have special appeal for certain individuals based on their career ambitions and job roles. For instance, if you want to advance quickly in the field or secure a position with a large company handling high-budget projects, PMP® certification can help you attain those goals.

It’s widely accepted that PMP® certification is a must for project managers. However, project management training and certification can also benefit other professionals at all levels of an organization, including process engineers and team leaders, Six Sigma and other quality-control specialists, business analysts, product consultants, IS/IT professionals and C-level executives. It can help those contributing to projects understand how to keep their deliverables on time and on budget, and it can help quality specialists design better project-related processes. It is also valuable for those requesting or initiating projects, as it’s critical that they realize the importance of clear goals and direction, as well as the potential impact of scope creep.

Claudia Vandermilt is a skilled project manager with experience in internet marketing, travel, consumer goods and home necessities. She’s earned certificates in Applied Project Management and Advanced Certificate in Applied PM from Villanova and continues furthering her education and experience in project management across industries.

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