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Who Is an Experienced Project Manager?
By Mariusz Zielinski

An experienced Project Manager is someone who:

  • should never be surprised, but s/he usually is… (otherwise the job is extremely boring)
  • should never complain no matter how challenging the project is.

  • must successfully finalize the project and know that nobody really cares how s/he did it.

  • delivers projects in a way to satisfy as many stakeholders as possible.

  • always works in a “difficult environment”.

  • knows what the best process for his/her company should look like (although usually the company supports a totally different process).

  • knows that “successful project” has many meanings.

  • knows that the triangle of cost, resources, and scope is too good (and easy) to be true and that the stakeholders always assume that corners can be changed independently.

  • says about the scope “it is difficult” instead of “not possible”.

  • says about the time “it is aggressive” instead of “not possible”.

Mariusz Zielinski is a project manager at Samsung Electronics R&D. Create software for digital TV receivers (STB & PVR). Previously he co-founded SCMA Company and was the author of software for security and protection centers. He also managed a mobile robot project for Polish Astronautics Society (PTA) and led a team of developers of a computer game, “Tridonis”. Mariusz graduated with a Master of Science degree from University of Gdansk and has completed post-graduate studies for IT Project Managers at the Warsaw University of Technology.

His blog: Manage Yourself first

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