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Why are you a Project Manager?
By Diana Lindstrom

Are you one of the millions of “accidental” project managers? You were assigned a project and told when it has to be complete? No budget. No other people on the team. Just you, an idea of what the project is, and a deadline.

Not a very comfortable place, is it?

But for those of us who chose to be project managers, the story is a little different. Take mine, for example.

I get easily bored. Who doesn’t?

I love looking at the “big” picture while planning the details to make it happen.

From what I’ve read, that makes me one of a small number of people on this planet. And I think it’s a vital part of what a project manager needs to be able to do. Keep the project goal firmly in sight, while putting the roadmap in place.

I also love managing groups of people at almost anything. People are the reason that any jobs are interesting – for me. Kind of an odd confession for an engineer, huh?

Project management keeps me involved, challenged, and never bored.

Well, on second thought, I did get bored managing construction projects – but, hey, that can stay between us, can’t it? (smile)

Easily bored and find people fascinating – an unbeatable combination for a project manager.

Diana Lindstrom, PMP, CTACC, has been a project manager for over 22 years. Starting out as an electrical engineer, she has broad experience including executive management, enterprise-level procurement, paralegal, writing, and coaching. As an executive coach, Diana helps new executives (and project managers) make that mind shift from tactical to strategic thinking. She can be reached through

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