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ASAP Project Management Methodology
By Bogdan Gorka

ASAP Methodology (Accelerated SAP) is a standard SAP related systems implementation method, developed and updated by consultants that are involved in implementing SAP software products. However, for those who implement systems that support business processes, this methodology may also be useful.

Project life-cycle phases

ASAP methodology consists of 5 phases:

  1. Project preparation – organizing the engagement and initial analysis
  2. Business Blueprint – identifying the client current process, requirements regarding future state and how will SAP provide solution. Any gaps between what the system can deliver in a standard configuration and unique requirements are also documented during this phase.

  3. Realization – during this phase the system is configured, all new forms interfaces reports enhancements and data management procedures are being build and tested.

  4. Final Preparation – the purpose of this phase is to complete testing and deliver end-user training. Also detailed planning of going live is prepared during this phase

  5. Go Live and Support is when the system is delivered to end users and their initial experience with it is being supported by the implementation team. The project finishes with the hand-over to maintenance team.

Opinions about ASAP usability

Most probably there are as many opponents as supporters of this methodology. As with any methodology the problem, in my opinion, is with its flexibility. Anybody who dealt with the SAP implementation knows that these projects are usually quite big. Their size and complexity depend on many aspects such as process organization in the client’s company and the number of modules to be implemented in one go. To build a method that will address the majority of potential issues as well as the approach to various types and sizes of projects, as a result such method can be neither small nor simple. And that seems to be the problem with ASAP that not many people can actually use it. However, the same problem exists with PRINCE2 and PMBOK.
You can have a look at this methodology here, because it is available free.

Bogdan Gorka is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with more than 10 years of practical experience gained in the FMCG industry. Bogdan shares his IT project management experience in the blog:

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