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Leadership Coaching: Shaping The Personality of Your Organization
By Mike Krutza

What Is The Personality Of Your Organization?

An organization ought not to be so mechanical, but should rather have a personality. What about your organization? Does it have a personality? Here are some clues to determine the personality of your organization. Explore the following clues about:

The CEO- What is the personality of the CEO or the owner of the company? Is he young or old, kind or grumpy and edgy? Is he a risk taker and creative? Arrogant or humble? Analytical, aggressive and expressive?

In your organization, is your code of conduct or beliefs written or unwritten? You can tell about this criterion according to what or who gets recognized, rewarded or are otherwise punished and dismissed. Is it explicitly written that consumer is king, or that people are the organization’s greatest resource? Is there a clear message about the boss being the boss, and employees are subordinates? Are people informed on the basis of what they need to know or is the company more feedback- friendly, conveying the message that “We’d like to hear what you think”?

What generations consist your organization? Do your employees belong to different generations? Consider that each generation has been shaped by different events, and has its own personality. Take a look at the common history shared by each generation. Certain events, history, places and experiences were factors that formed a generation’s personality. Different values and beliefs have been instilled in each generation. The secret to creating an energetic, excited, prosperous and happy workplace is to bridge the differences between the generations in your organization.

Does Your Organization Have A Healthy Personality?

The CEO, your code of conduct and beliefs and the different generations of employees in your organization constitute the personality of your organization. The next question you have to ask is: Is the personality of your organization healthy?

Finally, ask the most powerful question to gauge the excellence of your organization: Would you like to send your kids to work in your company wherein they would feel valued, have fun working and eager to work feeling that they are making a difference? Do you believe that your kids will grow if they worked in your organization?

How Do You Know It’s Right?

Hurrah! If you answered “yes” to that important question.

The next step is to ask what the personality of your organization is. There are many and varied factors that form the personality of your organization, but aside from looking at the facts, check your intuition. Intuitively, you will know if the personality of your organization feels good or not.

Mike Krutza specializes in executive coaching with individuals and teams. Visit Mike’s website here.

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