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Categorization of Risks in Project Risk Management
By Abhilash Gopi

Risks can be categorized from 2 perspectives:

Perspective #1

  • Technical: risks categorized based on complexity, requirement changes, unproven
    technology etc.
  • Programmatic or Performance: such as safety, skills, regulatory changes, material
    availability etc.
  • Supportability or Environment: such as people, equipment, reliability, maintainability etc.

Perspective #2

  • Cost: such as sensitivity to technical risk, overhead, estimating errors etc.
  • Schedule: such as degree of concurrency, number of critical path items, sensitivity to cost etc.

About Abhilash Gopi In his own words

I got smitten by the Project Management bug when I was working under K.U. Harsha, my first Project Manager and have been lucky since then to work under democratic managers (Purushottam Sitla, Rekha Varma). I could learn on-job from these wonderful managers and has been equally successful in applying these principles.

I am currently working as a Senior Test Manager with Cordiant Technologies, Kochi, India. Cordiant ( is an Offshore Product Development Services provider for ISVs and Web Startups and its innovation is spearheaded by our President & CEO, Dennis Paul.

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