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Ingredients For an Effective Project Proposal

Ingredients For an Effective Project Proposal
By Nigel Brooks

The contents of an effective project proposal that gets results include:

  • Understanding of the problem
    • Situation – this is the “status”
    • What complicates the situation in terms of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats – this is a further elaboration of the “status”
    • Clear statement of the problem including needs and requirements – this is the “what”
    • Solution hypothesis – “going in” position including potential features and benefits – this is the “why” – with an explanation as to the advantages over other alternatives
  • Scope, objectives, and goals

    The scope of the project is a general statement to address the problem and the solution hypothesis. The scope statement establishes boundaries – what the solution hypothesis is and what it is not. The project may be subdivided into phases, such as planning, analysis, design, construction, implementation, enhancements, and maintenance. Hence the scope may define the entire project and/or a phase within it.

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Project Management Documents – Project Proposal

Project Management Documents – Project Proposal
By Michael Wood

The Project Proposal is a Project Management document that:

  • Presents Management Information Needed to Approve or Deny Projects.
  • Consolidates Traditional PMO Forms:
    • Feasibility Study
    • Impact Analysis
    • Project Charter
    • Risk Assessment
    • Project Authorization
  • Becomes Scope Document
  • Memorializes Project Intent and Goal
  • Provides Metrics for Use in Evaluating Success

Michael Wood is the Subject Matter Expert on IT Strategy and Business Process Improvement for His “Helix Factor” book series presents a comprehensive Business Process Improvement methodology that has been used successfully since the early 1980s to help organizations achieve breakthrough results. Michael is a CPA and has served as an adjunct professor for Pepperdine and Cal Lutheran universities in Southern California. In addition he has led workshops on Business Process Improvement, Strategic Planning and System Design on a national and international basis. Read the Complete Article

Initiating Phase – Project Proposal

Initiating Phase – Project Proposal (#3 in the series Initiating Phase)
By Michele Berrie, Queensland University of Technology

The Project Proposal defines the conceived project as the basis for approving and reserving funding for a project. Care must be taken in preparing the document to present the project’s case accurately. Compelling reasons for carrying out the project in the form of specifying clear, quantifiable benefits and mechanisms for realising them beyond the end of the project are usually required.

The relevant business area usually prepares the project proposal. During the process, the outcomes of the project must be considered and planned for. This means that the Activity Completion Report (and Post Implementation Review for a major project) and its requirements should kept in mind at all times during the Planning Phase and throughout the life of the project.

It is vital to consult as many stakeholders as possible in the proposal process to ensure that all aspects of the project are considered and included in the proposal, then in the Project Plan. Read the Complete Article

How to Write a Project Proposal

How to Write a Project Proposal
By Michael D. Taylor



The purpose of a project proposal is to determine if a proposed project is feasible, practical, and worth pursuing.

Who Writes the Proposal?

The project proposal is usually developed from discussions among key stakeholders, and is generally written by marketing personnel, a project sponsor, or a project manager.

What Should a Proposal Contain?

The project proposal should address at least the following questions, but this too depends on the corporate culture, and should be adapted accordingly.

Project Proposal

A new project should be authorized only if it successfully addresses each of the following questions:

1) How will this project solve the problem, or meet a need?

New product projects must be based on meeting a need or solving a problem. For commercial products marketing personnel attempt to identify needs within a market segment. In some cases, a customer may define its needs and seek a corporation that can best meet them. Read the Complete Article

Writing a Proposal for a Web Project

Writing a Proposal for a Web Project
By Siraj Qureshi

If you are working as Project Manager or Consultant or Senior Experienced Developer, It is quite common that you will be asked to write a proposal for new project. It is always challenging to come up with a proposal to develop a new project for a client‘s Web Site. When competing for web design and development or marketing contracts, a professionally presented development proposal most often decides whether you lose or win the business. In the past, I have written many proposals that were reviewed and approved by the client. We also delivered the product on the basis of Proposal Approved successfully. I just wanted to share my proposal writing experience with you by writing this article. When putting together a basic web site proposal, you should include the following elements:

Executive Summary:

Describe the Business Problem statement and Vision/Scope statement here. Read the Complete Article

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