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How to Deliver Challenging Projects
By Cora Systems

Every two projects aren’t the same, some may be easy others more difficult. However some project will test even the best project manager’s skills and expertise. Project managers will have to endure their fair share of challenging projects over their career. The method by which you deal with the challenge will determine the success of your project.

I have gathered a number of tips that may be useful for project managers facing difficult projects:

  1. Breakdown: One challenging project can be very daunting so perhaps a simple solution for this would be to break it down into smaller more manageable projects. Taking the project in baby steps will make the light at the end of the tunnel that little bit brighter.
  2. Strong project team: Having a strong and experienced project team behind you will definitely give you the advantage when it comes to the managing of projects. A project team can be the backbone of the project. The project manager is human after all and will some additional input from the project team. Having a strong project team is important however their skills should complement each other.

  3. Meeting regularly: Project status meeting will be highly important throughout the delivery of a challenging project. These meetings need to have a high level of focus around them. A strict agenda should be drawn up prior to the meeting and be kept too strictly.

  4. Keep people motivated: Very important to keep spirits high during the project. This may prove difficult as the project may be lengthy and slow moving. Sitting down one to one with the team members could prove worthy.

  5. Ask for advice: If you get stuck during a project, just ask someone with experience in that area for advice. There will always be someone available to answer any queries.

  6. Breaking down: By breaking the project down into smaller sub projects can make the project manager’s job easier and more manageable. A step by step process is put in place throughout this breakdown of the project and a sense of success can be achieved once a sub project is completed.

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