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Management – Get More Done
By Ed Kugler

How would you like to get more done everyday? It’s not rocket science, as they say; it’s about daily discipline and knowing where you’re going. If you’re like most of us you don’t think you have time for any planning. It sounds nice but get real. Well, you’re the one that needs to get real and get more done.

If you want to grow and be more than you are now, you’ll have to do something different than what you’ve always been doing. Here are a few simple things you might not just try, how about doing them..

1. Where are you now and where do you want to go? Be honest about where you are today, personally and professionally and are you happy about it? If so, you’re doing something right. If not, establish exactly where you want to go in a clear, specific outline that has a time limit for each. Be honest with yourself. Where are you right now; and where are you going? If you don’t know … who does?

2. Next, write a plan of action that will get you there: If you completed item one above you know where you’re going, you know what specific steps will get you there so now you need some action? You have to actually do something each day along the way. Sure, you’ll make adjustments along the way but you have an outline of the big steps and the little ones … now do it daily.

3. What should I do first? Once you know where you’re going and the steps you’ll take to get there you establish priorities. That is what happens first, second, third and so forth. What needs to be done when … simple to understand and difficult to do everyday.

4. How do I sort it all out? Once you’ve are to this point it’s up to you … it’s all about focus. From here on out its about courage and discipline. You have to make it happen. The first thing to understand is that the key to your better future is you. It’s up to you to insure that your habits match your dreams.

5. You must use a process: Use a planner, a to do list, a computer program, use something to keep track of your goals, make adjustments and jump back in again in the morning. It doesn’t matter what tool or method you use, use what works for you, but use something. It’s that simple.

6. You must use the process every single day: Who cares what method you choose, just use it! And use it each and every day. If you spend an hour on Friday night to plan next weeks most important events you’ll reap the benefits all week. If you spend just fifteen minutes at the end of each day to plan tomorrow’s activities you’ll reap the benefits all day. The choice is yours … make it!

What if you packed up the family and headed off on a cross county trip with no map or planned destination. Even your youngest child would find that foolish. Why then, do we do it in our lives everyday? I don’t know, but I do know that this … what we do everyday is what we believe … all the rest is just talk. What will you do now? I don’t know but it’s up to  you.

Ed Kugler has been living change since the jungles of Vietnam where he was a Marine Sniper for two-years in the Vietnam War. He came home to a country he hadn’t left and began work as a mechanic and truck driver. Since then he has worked his way into the executive suite of Frito Lay, Pepsi Cola and Compaq Computer where he was Vice President of Worldwide Logistics, a position he achieved with no college degree. Ed left in 1997 to consult and write. He is the author of Dead Center – A Marine Sniper’s Two Year Odyssey in the Vietnam War and five other books and counting. He regularly consults with some o the nations leading companies on organizational change and coaches individuals to make the most of their lives. Ed is the father of three, grandfather to three and has been married to the same woman for 38 years and counting.

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