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Project Management Best Practice
By Alistair Manning

Many companies undertake projects, but my best clients do so in a professional, controlled way.

ISO 21500: 2012 provides best practice guidance to achieve business results through improved project success.

This new standard offers a better understanding of key principles to support management and establish a common basis on which to compare project standards and practices with those of others.

Project management differs from other management disciplines by the temporary and unique nature of projects. Generally, this work may be categorized as either operations or projects. These differ primarily as follows:

  • Operations are performed by relatively stable teams through ongoing and repetitive processes and are focused on sustaining the organization;
  • Projects are performed by temporary teams, are non-repetitive and provide unique deliverables.

BS ISO 21500:2012 allows you to:

  • Achieve organizational strategy
  • Grasp successful project management skills
  • Increase opportunity evaluation and project initiation
  • Meet project goals and key objectives
  • Develop competencies in management principles and processes

Every project team requires competent individuals who are capable of applying their knowledge and experience to deliver key objectives. Any identified gap between the available and required competence levels on a project team can introduce risk and should therefore be addressed.

This International Standard can be used by any type of organization, including public, private or community organizations, and for any type of project, irrespective of complexity, size or duration.

Do you manage projects? If so, consider using the latest best practice!

Alistair Manning is an expert in leveraging organizational quality to remove barriers to growth. His attitude to business improvement can be seen as contrarian, in that he advocates his concept of enabling growth rather than obsessing over sales.

Alistair has worked in the field of business improvement since 1997 and has run his own company, ADM Solutions, since 2003. He has an MBA and is a Chartered Quality Professional. You can read more from Alistair on his website.

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