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Project Management Is Also About Selling!
By Kerry Wills

People drawn to the Project Management profession are usually organized and drivers of work. What Project Managers should also realize is that there is a “selling” aspect to their roles. Think about it – we are always selling something…

  • Confidence in delivery
  • Reasons to use standards or meet commitments
  • Options and recommendations to senior management
  • Motivating team members
  • The benefits of the program to stakeholders

It is not enough to just manage the project plan and trust that things will work out. We need to influence others around key aspects of our programs and this requires selling skills. So we need to always put ourselves in a ‘selling mindset’ and realize that part of our jobs is selling to the stakeholders.

Kerry Wills is a proven Program Manager/Portfolio Manager with an extensive background in Project Management, consulting, and application development. Kerry has consistently demonstrated the ability to plan and implement large and complex projects on time and on/under budget. Kerry runs a blog, Adventures in Project Management.