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Project Management Tools Can Significantly Boost Work Management
By Sharon Thomson

Projects play a vital role in growth of business. Successful projects enable businesses to achieve various objectives and goals which ultimately boost their growth and development. But managing projects is not that as easy as it appears to be.

Projects consists of several tasks which may vary in terms of complexity. These need to be executed in a scheduled and organized manner by various team members working over a project. For this tasks need to be properly defined and documented, which is not possible through manual means.

The tasks need to be properly distributed among team members, so that they can timely execute them. But for this to happen, proper coordination among various members and their progress over tasks needs to be precisely tracked and reviewed.

Problems being faced while managing multiple projects

As more and more businesses are opting for globally dispersed team members for conducting their operations, it becomes problematic to maintain fast and effective communication between them. Due to which it gets difficult to coordinate regarding their activities and know the exact status of their tasks.

Though many businesses communicate and collaborate through emails, but these prove to be of less help for project management. When multiple team members communicate through long email threads, it often leads to confusion and misinterpretations over business matters which can even affect their efficiency and lead to delayed results. Finding contextual information from a heap of emails becomes bothersome and such searches throws up wrong results which affect productivity and still deliver nothing of use.

Enterprising tools needed for enhanced project management

The need is of a better tool for proper execution of projects and effective communication and collaboration among team members involved in those projects. For enhanced and organized management over projects, web based project management software can prove to be immensely useful.

Benefits of using a web based tool

It enables proper planning and documentation of tasks and activities related to a single or several projects. Tasks can be properly described and assigned to various team members as per their capabilities. This gives every team member a clear idea about what his or her tasks are and by when they needs to finish them off. Through timely email notifications, members are kept aware of approaching deadlines of their tasks which helps them better focus on them and complete them timely, without missing or skipping them. This enhances their productivity manifold and they become more accountable for their tasks.

Such a tool remarkably improves team communication and collaboration among members operating from different locations around the world. The distance between them no longer affects their communication as they are able to communicate in a faster and accurate manner. This allows them to effectively indulge in discussions over project matters and resolve them fast by sharing their views and ideas. This saves their time and effort and improves their efficiency. Moreover a business need not conduct physical meetings for discussion over matters saving its time, budget and resources as this can be achieved through this tool’s online discussions.

A business can freely and transparently discuss business matters with its clients, customers and other stakeholders and give them an accurate view of the progress achieved in its projects. So they can better trust it and know that projects will be likely completed on time and their interests are being adequately taken care of.

Team members can easily and rapidly access various documents, files and information as these are located in a single centralized location. They all get access to the same and updated data. So they can get better results by using latest information. They all are at same page over a project. Resources can be optimally used.

Its mobile feature enables team members to access their projects even on the go. This can help them greatly if they happen to be away from their workplaces due to some engagement. Their work does not suffer in any way as they can always check in everything important happening over projects through the mobile in their pocket. They can always see what other members are doing in a project, read old comments, add new ones and even check off completed items.

Its dashboard feature enables a project manager to see which tasks are being conducted at a given point of time in a project and which tasks are being completed within the given time frame, those yet to be done and the delayed ones. So he can better focus on delayed tasks and get them executed in a prioritized manner by taking timely and adequate measures. So a project does not get delayed at all.

This online collaboration software enables proper communication and collaboration among team members and they can work in a coordinated manner. They can execute their tasks in a timely and organized manner. So projects can be better managed within the constraints of time, budget and resources and can be timely and successfully executed. A business is able to achieve its goals and objectives with the successful culmination of its projects and can grow and prosper more.

Such enterprising tools can greatly contribute to growth of businesses by making their operations more smoother, faster and better organized besides saving their time, effort and costs and optimizing their resources.

Sharon Thomson is a Business manager of ProofHub,a SAAS based project management software that helps to manage, discuss and communicate with your team members and clients from anywhere and anytime. This online collaboration tool offers a centralized place providing features like to-do’s, milestones, timesheets, discussions, file sharing, online proofing, casper mode and inbuilt browser chat. ProofHub is the only project management software that provides In-built browser chat feature, Casper-Mode (Hidden Mode) and Proofing Tool.

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